Manufactured as a two-colour sheet with green or white on the upper face, Siloform sheets are easier to handle and apply thanks to their lighter weight and more flexible nature. The lighter weight of the Siloform range has the added environmental advantage of being easier to dispose of post-use.

Advanced Extrusion Processes

The development of the high performance Siloform silage sheet range has been made possible thanks to our ongoing investment in the latest manufacturing technologies. These advanced extrusion processes enable the production of more technically robust silage sheets that provide layer upon layer of protection.

Latest extrusion processes enabled the controlled placement of raw materials within the film blend, directing them to the part of the silage sheet where they are most required i.e. UV stabilisers are placed on the our surface of the film to face the weather with the strength and puncture resistance elements forming the film core to result in an exceptionally strong, and stable, silage sheet.

These modern extrusion processes also enhances the films’ oxygen barrier properties to provide enhanced resistance to oxygen ingress – a feature critical to the ensiling process.