Our silage stretchfilms are independently assessed and quality assured.

All bpi agriculture silage stretchfilms are accredited to the renowned SP Standard. Accreditation by the internationally recognised SP Technical Institute of Sweden involves a comprehensive examination of both the manufacturing processes and the finished product to ensure adherence to the highest quality standards.

As a global manufacturer of silage stretchfilm, we understand the importance of quality. Across every area of our operations, we strive for excellence in order to offer products which set new standards for reliability, durability, technical innovation and overall performance.

Our silage stretchfilms are independently verified by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden.

Understanding the benefits

  • The P-mark is awarded by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden – a leading international body in quality certification.
  • A P-mark means a product meets rigorous quality assurance standards developed specifically to test silage stretchfilm products.
  • To ensure it is a truly international and relevant standard, the P-mark for agricultural stretchfilm was developed by the SP Institute in collaboration with universities, machinery and film manufacturers.
  • Specific aspects of a silage stretchfilm assessed as part of P-mark certification include its tensile strength, stretch, cling, UV resistance, impact resistance, oxygen-permeability and airtightness.
  • The quality control procedures of certified manufacturers are subject to random inspection and product sampling by the SP Institute.