What is SmartStructure?

The science, chemistry and extrusion technologies we employ combine to deliver SmartStructure technology manufacturing processes that ensure all mechanical aspects of our films are maximised resulting in reliable, stable, high performing products that create ideal ensiling and storage conditions.

SmartStructure Technology delivers consistently high quality films by optimising the key ingredients that offer cling, strength, puncture/tear resistance and UV stability.

SmartStructure technology ensures that each of the above features are augmented thanks to the controlled placement of these elements within the film blend.

Superior UV stabilizers on the outer film surface to face the weather, cling on the inner surface to ensure an excellent seal and the mechanical strength, tear and puncture resistance elements forming the nucleus of the film.

The creation of an effective oxygen barrier is critical to the ensiling and storage process and high quality SmartStructure technology products provide enhanced resistance to oxygen ingress. Our reliable, high performance film range has been made possible thanks to our continual investment in the latest 5, 7 and 9 layer extrusion technologies, our material science expertise and our decades of manufacturing experience.