Our Mission

RPC bpi agriculture strives to be the most reliable global supplier of agricultural film solutions by providing quality products that comply with the highest processability standards, by protecting sustainable highly nutritional crops and by offering the best service levels and field based training in the sector. The processes applied will support the development of our people, respect their ongoing safety and comply with the highest environmental standards.

  • Leading global producer of high performance agriculture film solutions.
  • Continuous focus on farmers’ and growers’ needs.
  • Spearheading innovation in film technology.
  • Continuous investment in manufacturing infrastructure.
  • Film solutions for all climates for all crops.

Quality is paramount in manufacturing at RPC bpi agriculture. Every aspect of our operations is subject to ongoing, rigorous audits. In addition our ISO 90001 accreditation across all sites, we also uniquely have accreditation to the SP Standard for all silage stretchgilm products. Additionally, our silage & grain bags are certified FDA compliant.

Caring for the environment we live and work in

As part of the RPC bpi group, we have access to the film recycling expertise of sister company RPC bpi recycled products, a leading European polythene recycler. The RPC bpi group plays an important role in conserving reusable resources and in diverting waste from landfill. Each year the RPC bpi group recycles some 73,000+ tonnes of waste polythene at our network of government approved sites. We use this recycled material to give polythene a second life in products such as construction films and refuse sacks.

As a leading manufacturer of polythene film we recognise our responsibility to operate with due concern for the environment in which we live and work and to minimise the impact of our activities on that environment. In 2004 we were the first company in our sector to work towards ISO 14001 environmental management certification. We strive to ensure our products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

RPC – A leading plastic product design and engineering company.

RPC bpi agriculture is a part of the wider RPC group, a +€4bn global design and engineering company specialising in polymer conversion with centres of excellence worldwide.

RPCs specialist operations have expertise in individual processing technologies in addition to in-depth knowledge and understanding of particular end markets.

As a global organisation RPC is ideally placed to support customers on a local, national and international basis. RPC drives innovation throughout all its development work – delivering excellence in choice, manufacturing and customer service.